Maria Victoria Henao’s life facts that you don’t know

Maria Victoria Henao is famous as a wife of drug lord Pablo Escobar who died in a police encounter in 1993 when he was 44 years old. Maria always supported her husband despite his extramarital affairs with several mistresses and criminal track record. Pablo became the leader of a cocaine kingdom with a whopping net worth of $30 billion. Maria enjoyed his humongous wealth but her life changed drastically after the assassination of Escobar. The couple spent 17 years of marriage together till the death of Pablo Escobar. But people want to know about his wife and kids after the death of Pablo. He killed by police but he is alive in the minds of people and a TV series Narcos’s story is all about the life of Escobar which as featured on Netflix. People want to know about his wife and kids after the death of Pablo. In this post, we will discuss the life of Maria Henao after the death of his husband and what she is doing now. Let’s dive into it here.

Maria Victoria Henao’s Relationship with Escobar

Maria Henao is Columbian and spent her early life in her native town. She was just 13 years of age when she met with Pablo through her brother who was a best friend of Escobar and working in his small-scale drug business. The couple fell in love with each other and decided to get married but Henao family was not happy with this relationship because Escobar’s family had low social status. After two years of dating, the duo tied the knot in 1976.


The duo welcomed their first child, Juan in 1977. Their second child was born in 1984 and this time a girl named Manuela. The drug lord, Pablo Escobar was also in a relationship with many women as he was married to Maria. Albeit, Maria supported his husband through all his extramarital affairs. Moreover, she didn’t leave Escobar when he cheated on her. She stayed with him for the sake of her children till his death. Henao lived a lavish life and enjoyed the peak time of Escobar when he became the richest man in the world with a whopping net worth of $30 billion.

Maria Victoria Henao’s life after Pablo Escobar died?

Pablo Escobar was killed by police that changed the life of his family. The Colombian authorities taken the money earned by Escobar. The Escobar family fled from Colombia after one year of Pablo’s death. She changed her identity and moved to Argentina along with her two kids. Her new name is Maria Isabel Santos Caballero. She is living secretly in an apartment in Buenos Aires and running her own business. She was arrested due to the charges of fake identity and money laundering and later she was released due to insufficient evidence.


Maria Victoria Henao is living a quiet life in Argentina and she got the nationality of Argentina despite the bad reputation and criminal record of her husband, Pablo Escobar.

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