How Instagram can help in bringing more sale on amazon?

Instagram is considered as a perfect platform for the e-commerce companies. It helps them in showcasing their products and connecting with the audience. Some of the brands that sell their products on Amazon, become quite reliant to generate their sales on internal mechanisms. In case of ROI production, Instagram is the one which stand with its heads and shoulders above all the competition.

There are a number of benefits that can be provided by Instagram to the amazon sellers. Almost 60% of users get to know about different new products on the platform of Instagram. Every day, business profiles are visited by more than 200 million users on the app. Through this, they learn about your products.

Some of the benefits that are given to amazon sellers through Instagram are:

  1. As Instagram is a visual platform so it is a big deal for the amazon sellers. Through a picture we can make sure our products are in front of the concerned parties. And the buyers are also curious about the product’s image so they get benefitted through this visual platform.
  2. Through Instagram you can easily make your products displayed to your audience. As Instagram is quite giant networking site, you can easily have large number of followers to whom you can advertise your products too. There is no such limitations or restrictions. Your followers are able to go through your all posts and increase your instagram impression . Through ads placements, you can simultaneously build functional audience.
  3. You can be benefitted with the promotion of sold products rather than doing it on your own website.

Although Instagram is the best option for amazon sellers but it still needs some practice in order to grow your presence and to display your posts in front of the interested audience. One of these practices is consistency. It matters a lot if you’re using Instagram. The quality of your posts should not be dipped. Brands are interested to see rates of the engagement that are almost 10x on the platform of Instagram as compared to Facebook. Post more but with good quality which should not be sacrificed. Make sure to make Instagram stories as well. This is the best and new feature of Instagram. As stories are displayed in a separate section than other typical posts, high level of engagement produces which helps you to leap out in a competition. Instagram followers reach to story section more than the usual posts.

Instagram prioritize to display quality content more. Greater amount of likes and comments on the post in a very short time is a sign that the app liked your content. A good caption also plays an important role. Every detail of your product should be mentioned. In this way your audience will continue to interact with your posts. If your audience posted a picture of themselves with your product, post on your official page too with their permission. Also ask them to give some reviews on the products so that you can show it to your audience.

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